Our Core Values


Priorities – Finding the right solutions and handling the shipments in a flexible and urgent way possible to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of the customer.


Innovations – Open to discovering and utilising new shipping technologies to maintain excellence in providing affordable and efficient logistics services.


Ethics & Transparency – Guarantees a high level of professionalism in all business dealings with honesty and transparency as always observed and implemented.


Efficiency – Adopting an appropriate and most effective approach to deliver all goods and services in a timely and productive manner.


Teamwork- Coordination and communication are common practices within the organisation and sharing opinions and acceptance of diverse cultures are some of the principles of our development.







Dijla is a member of the following organizations

Foundation of Iraqi Economic future
Iraqi Businessmen Union
NAFIL (National Alliance for Financial Literacy)
FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations)

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