Service Highlights
Customs clearance services are available for all Import and Export shipments
  • IRAQ: All Iraqi ports and borders (SEA, Air and Land).
  • United Arab of Emirates: All DUBAI, Sharjah ports and Abu Dhabi borders.
  • China: All ports in China.
  • Most countries in the world, such as the European Union, India, America, Canada, etc.
Service Description
Customs Clearance is the dynamic of shipping.
Through our deep experience in customs clearance that exceeds 10 years and from our general concept of the laws of the countries we deal with, we guarantee our customers customs clearance services in a flexible and comfortable manner for most shipments through trucking the shipments until their arrival to the ports and starting the clearance processing until the delivery of the shipments to their last destination and the safe and secure return of the containers to the port to avoid any demurrages.

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