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Dijla Shipping India Pvt Ltd is the pioneering shipping company that revolutionized door-to-door delivery services in India, taking shipping professionalism to a different height. Established in 2019 in the heart of Mumbai, Dijla Shipping Private India Ltd has and keeps fulfilling its promise of delivering its services with the highest standards possible. With an indefatigable team of a seasoned, self-motivated workforce, Dijla Shipping Private India Ltd is dedicated to satisfactorily serving its innumerable clients with the utmost dignity. As Dijla Shipping India Pvt Ltd keeps waxing stronger, it continues its operations without compromising customer satisfaction.


Dijla India is also a member of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA), which creates opportunities for freight businesses to offer services with maximum flexibility and efficiency.






Dijla is a member of the following organizations

Foundation of Iraqi Economic future
Iraqi Businessmen Union
NAFIL (National Alliance for Financial Literacy)
FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations)

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